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Powell Property
Rezoning & Development

The request to develop the Powell Property was made in December of 2019 via a letter from Mr. Joseph Damico representing the Powell Family.


On January 25th with a 5-2 vote, the Planning Commission recommended the development.


In April of 2022, a letter requesting a zoning hearing was submitted to the borough. The MPC (Municipalities Planning Code Sec 609) governs the process.

The decision to change zoning rests with the borough council.

Here you can find the links to the letters & exhibits related to this proposed rezoning and development.

How it strarted... How it's going...

In January of 2018 the Powell Property was “Not for Sale!” By December 2019 a full development plan was ready to go.

Powell Property  Sketch  Plan_Nov 2020.png

The Powell Estate has submitted a letter asking to rezone 62.8 acres.  The item is on the

April 25th Work Session Agenda.

The borough created a new Zoning Amendement Application and requested they submit it with the fee to initiate the official process.

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