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Powell Property- NOT FOR SALE?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

One of the largest parcels of open space in the Borough of Chester Heights, the 55-acre property once owned by the late Mr. Calvin Powell is "NOT FOR SALE. PERIOD." - Glenn Powell

Mr. Calvin Powell, an esteemed longtime resident of the Borough of Chester Heights passed away on June 2nd, 2017. According to the Delaware County Recorder of Deeds, Mr. Powell was the owner of approximately 7 parcels of land in The Borough including one of the largest parcels of open space in Chester Heights. The future of this 55-acre piece of land, located at 229 Valleybrook Road (tax id no. 06-00-00102-00) has been the subject of much speculation around The Borough.

On January 22nd, 2018 a conversation was initiated by Councilman Block during a regularly scheduled Council Work Session regarding land owned by the late Mr. Calvin Powell and the potential opportunity for the borough to acquire the land/property for the benefit of the community. The issue was triggered by a prior conversation between Mr. Block with Mr. Jim Kutys of Media Real Estate Company who allegedly represents the Powell Family in real estate matters. Mr. Kutys informed Councilman Block that a sale of the property was imminent and that if The Borough wanted to do anything to acquire the property this would be the time to bring it to the Council.

Councilwoman Ellis raised concerns about discussing plans for a private property that had not been put up for public sale without the knowledge or permission from the family. She also added that 3 years ago The Borough approached Mr. Calvin Powell for a “6 month right of first refusal” and that at the time he declined.

It is at this juncture in the evening that Mr. Glenn Powell, the son of Calvin Powell, made his presence known and confirmed her statement that in fact “a right of first refusal was not given” to The Borough; however, he continued with “The property is not for sale. Period.”

That concluded the discussion of The Powell Property on January 22, 2018.

However, at the end of the February 5, 2018, Council Session, the Council went into an executive session to discuss… an undisclosed real estate matter.

Is there an imminent sale of “The Powell Property” as per Mr. Jim Kutys? Is the property truly not for sale, as per Glenn Powell? Or is it simply not for sale to the Borough of Chester Heights? The interpretation of events leaves us with anything but a clear picture of the status of the property.

Residents who have an interest in open space preservation or who remember previous sales of land in the Borough that resulted in development should take an interest in The Powell Property and express their questions or concerns to the Borough Council.

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