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Adelphia Gateway Pipeline

Chester heights - Adelphia Pipeline become an Intervenor

Register as an intervenor - make your voice count in the Chester Heights pipeline conversation.

DEADLINE: February 13th, 2018 – 5PM

Adelphia Gateway proposes to acquire an existing pipeline currently owned by Interstate Energy Company (ICE) part of which runs through of Chester Heights Borough at the rear section of the Madison at Glenn Mills Apartment property. Once acquired Adelphia will covert it from transporting diesel to transporting natural gas and reverse the flow of the pipeline.

Learn more about the pipeline here:

You only have until 5pm on February 13th, 2018 to register as an intervenor.

What the heck is an intervenor?

An intervenor is a person who reserves the right to object to a pipeline and to FERC's decisions. An intervenor can also participate in (or bring) legal proceedings involving FERC and Adelphia Gateway.

They are also accorded elevated attention in FERC's decision-making process and final decision, and intervenor comments must be addressed in FERC's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and decisions.

If you don't declare yourself as an intervenor, you can't challenge FERC, and they can ignore your comments. You still have the right to comment as a non-intervenor, but FERC can choose to ignore your comments at will.

Most importantly, if FERC issues a decision that impacts you and you don't like it, YOU CAN ONLY EFFECTIVELY PROTEST IF YOU ARE AN INTERVENOR. Non-intervenors are locked out of critical portions of the process.

NOTE: being an intervenor costs nothing, involves no lawyers, and places no burden on you other than receiving more email on the project.

Who can be an intervenor?

Anyone who is a "stakeholder" in Adelphia Gateway Pipeline outcome can request to be an intervenor. And you don't have to be an impacted landowner or abutter to the pipeline. If you care about this pipeline decision and its outcome, then you qualify.

This pipeline change has the potential to impact the residents of Chester Heights, PA as well as many of our neighboring Townships in Delaware County. On February 5th, 2018 Chester Heights Council has authorized their solicitor to file a motion as an intervenor for the benefit of the Borough.

The Chester Heights Neighbors Alliance has sent a letter to Madison Apartment Group asking them to register as an intervenor. Click here to view our letter.

Now it's your turn. Don't give up your rights. Register yourself, tell your neighbors, and contact your township or borough to register as an intervenor to preserve your voice for the process.


  1. FERC Notice of Application, January 23, 2018.

  2. How to register as an intervenor? - Step by Step instructions:

  3. Detailed information about the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline

  4. Register to become an intervenor here

Thank you to for making available information on the pipeline and the process of becoming an intervenor.

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